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    Let’s start with traditional Moroccan dishes. Traditional Moroccan cuisine is Berber cuisine. In addition, influences from West Africa and Andalusia. The basis of most Moroccan dishes is couscous and many dishes consist of a tagine dish.

    Moroccan cuisine is a kitchen where a lot of spices are used. Wonderful to taste and experience all kinds of flavors. Râs al Hânout is a well-known spice mix that is used in Morocco. This is a spice mix of more than twenty spices and is often found in the tagine. Other Moroccan spices that are often used are Harissa (often used in sauce) and Chermoula (for the marinade). In addition, a lot of lemon, olive oil and argan oil is used. Argan oil is produced in Morocco and is an indispensable part of the Moroccan kitchen. This beloved addition is a true seasoning for the tagine or the amlou dip.

    The tagine is a typical Moroccan dish. The dish is named after the cone-shaped earthenware stew. This cone-shaped lid ensures good air circulation. Put the stew on a very low heat and cook vegetables such as tomato, zucchini and eggplant, for example. Couscous is the ultimate dish in Moroccan cuisine. Couscous is made from steamed semolina, vegetables, chicken or other meat. The meat is almost always under the vegetables. This couscous dish is often served with raisins, chickpeas and caramelized onions.

    Adding a few drops of argan oil already ensures a delicious taste. You can therefore already add the argan oil to the couscous. The taste of argan oil is best when you steam food or add a few drops after cooking. At a temperature higher than 60 degrees, the taste and active ingredients are lost.

    The amlou dip is a wonderfully kept secret from Morocco. An age-old, traditional dish of the Berber people. It is a blend of roasted almonds, a dash of argan oil and some honey. You mix it together and get a kind of paste, which resembles peanut butter. It tastes delicious! based on honey, almonds and argan oil. You eat the amlou dip with a piece of bread or Moroccan pancakes. It is difficult to obtain outside of Morocco. Morocco is the only place where 100% pure argan oil is produced, so try making the amloudip yourself.

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