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    Argan oil is not only ideal for your hair and skin, but also works wonders for your health when you cook with it. The taste of argan oil is described by many as a combination of freshly baked bread, sesame and hazelnuts. Sounds good, right? You can read below which hot dishes argan oil can be used well.

    There is a kind of manual for using argan oil. Since argan oil contains a lot of unsaturated fats, it is better if you do not heat the oil. The taste and active nutrients of argan oil are lost when the oil has to deal with a temperature above 60 degrees. Therefore, only use argan oil in hot dishes just before serving or if you are going to steam the meal.

    Argan oil and fish go well together. Chefs worldwide also enjoy this phenomenon. Argan oil is not only delicious in the sauce on the fish, but a few drops over a grilled fish also tastes good. After grilling your fish, pour a few drops of oil over the grilled fish to season it. Japanese Sashimi is already tasty, but can certainly be improved with some oil from Moroccan cuisine.

    Meat should also not be missing from the list of warm applications. Just like fish, poultry and meat also taste great with a dash of argan oil. Very tasty to prepare a sauce or make a stew and pour a few drops of oil. Experiment with beef, lamb, pork, and poultry. The Moroccan way is with lamb or chicken. The dishes are tastier with this oil from Morocco.

    Argan oil is not only tastefull in your mouth, but also good for your health. Are you curious about the taste and what argan oil can do for you? Buy argan oil from Premium Argan now. 100% natural.


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