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    Argan oil is very suitable for the skin. Due to the presence of essential unsaturated fatty acids, argan oil has a beneficial effect on the skin. Thanks to the high concentration of vitamin E, the skin remains supple and flexible. Argan oil is also rich in antioxidants, which prevent skin aging. Antioxidants stimulate cell renewal, keeping your skin young and taut when using our oil. Argan oil is also very suitable for dry skin, as the oil has a moisturizing effect. The result: radiant and healthy skin! You can use argan oil on your face and all over your body.

    Every day we have to deal with harmful substances (sunlight, exhaust fumes and pesticides). These are also called free radicals. These substances are a major cause of skin aging. When skin aging occurs, it results in sagging skin and wrinkles, among other things. Of course you want to prevent this, especially in your face.


    Fortunately, antioxidants exist. Antioxidants prevent skin aging and keep the skin taut. Naturally antioxidants occur in the skin, but as we age, the amount of antioxidants decreases.

    Pure argan oil contains a large amount of antioxidants, including vitamin E. These support the regenerative capacity of the skin. Argan oil is therefore also a natural anti-aging for your face.

    The solution for dry skin

    Even if you suffer from dry skin, argan oil is a good solution. Especially when it gets cold or when the air is dry, your skin can feel very dry. By applying a few drops of argan oil on your face and lips for a few days in a row, you give the skin the ultimate care and hydration.


    1. For optimal results, we recommend that you first thoroughly cleanse the skin of your face with a mild cleansing product.
    2. After washing your face, pat the skin dry. 75 / 5000 Vertaalresultaten The clean skin is better able to absorb the argan oil well.
    3. Then preferably apply the argan oil directly to the skin. You can do this by rubbing a few drops of the oil warm between the palms of your hands.
    4. Then spread the oil over your face with gentle movements. In this way, the oil absorbs well into the skin.
    5. Within 10 minutes, the argan oil is completely absorbed and your skin will feel very cared for and hydrated.

    Tip: do not forget to carefully massage the eye and lip contour with argan oil. After all, this skin is sensitive to wrinkles. By doing this daily, you will achieve optimal results and prevent dark circles and wrinkles.

    Our pure argan oil is perfect for the rest of your body as well as for the face. We sometimes forget that the skin is our largest organ. Healthy skin acts like a shield, as it were: it protects our body against external influences. It is therefore very important to take good care of our skin.

    Intensive care of the skin

    The skin has its own natural strength, but the free radicals, cold and low humidity make it difficult for the skin to maintain its moisture balance. The skin can feel dry and tight due to these influences. In all these cases, argan oil is a good option for taking care of our body.

    Thanks to the special composition of pure argan oil, including vitamin E, essential unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, argan oil ensures proper hydration and care of the body.

    Apply argan oil right after showering.


    1. Lightly pat your skin and make sure your skin is still slightly damp.
    2. Now apply argan oil to the skin. You will notice that the oil feels soft and absorbs well into the skin.
    3. It is also possible to add a few drops of argan oil to your bath. Argan oil works great as a natural bath oil and works wonders for dry skin.

    Deep care

    Do certain parts of the body need deep grooming, such as your heels, elbows or knees? Then divide a few extra drops of oil over these areas daily and you will quickly notice a difference.

    Firming effect

    In addition to a moisturizing and caring function, argan oil also has a firming effect on the body. This makes argan oil also suitable for the neck and décolleté. By applying a few drops to this skin every day, you will notice that the firmness increases within a few weeks.

    Tip: also use argan oil with a massage. By making circular movements, the argan oil absorbs even better into the skin and you get an intensely nourished skin.

    Argan oil also has a beneficial effect on the hands. Especially in cold temperatures or dry air, hands can quickly feel dry and rough. By rubbing your hands with argan oil, you give your hands the hydration it needs.

    How do you use argan oil on the hands?

    The best time to rub your hands with argan oil is right after washing your hands.


    1. Wash your hands under lukewarm water and then pat them dry.
    2. Rub your hands directly with argan oil, so that the skin can absorb the oil well.
    3. After this, your hands will feel silky soft again.

    When you rub your hands with argan oil, you do well to take the nails with you immediately. The nails can also use some vitamins and essential fatty acids. Nails can quickly become brittle or dull. As a result, the nails dry out and break more quickly. Prevent this by taking care of the nails with argan oil.

    How do you use argan oil on the nails?

    The effects if you regularly rub your nails with a few drops of argan oil

    • You take care of the nails and they shine beautifully;
    • Your nails become smoother;
    • Also massage your cuticles, so that they feel wonderfully supple again.

    A healing effect on cuticles

    Small wounds, cracks and skins disappear with the use of argan oil. The healing effect makes your cuticles look healthy again.

    Note: do you want to paint your nails? Let the oil absorb well before you paint your nails.

    Argan oil is pure, mild and natural. This makes argan oil also excellent for use with various skin problems. Since argan oil has a restorative effect, it can contribute to a healthier skin.

    Do you have annoying scars, welts or pregnancy welts?

    Then argan oil can help restore this skin. Argan oil has a special composition, including vitamin E and antioxidants. This composition contributes to the repair of the tissue of the skin.

    Do you suffer from skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and acne?

    Argan oil can also provide a lot of relief for these skin problems. By lubricating the skin with argan oil every day, you contribute in a natural way to skin repair.

    Has your skin been affected by the sun?

    Use argan oil as an after sun. With argan oil, your burnt skin will recover faster. Thanks to the antioxidants that argan oil is rich, the damage from the sun to your skin will be limited.

    Argan oil also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. For example, inflammation in the muscles will diminish after a massage with argan oil.


    Years ago we discovered the special properties of argan oil. We would like to share this secret with you. Discover the benefits of our top quality argan oil.

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